State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources & Safe Mining







Approved by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) and jointly established by CUMT (China University of Mining and Technology) and CUMTTB (China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing), State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources & Safe Mining is the first national key laboratory in China’s coal industry.

Under the guidance of National Energy Strategy, the Lab currently focuses on four research directions, namely coal resources exploration and assessment and resources characteristics, coal mining geological guarantee theory and technology, green mining theory and technology of environment coordination and key theory and technology of coal mine disaster prevention. The Lab has developed into an important base of fundamental researches on national coal resources and safety mining, technological development, R&D of experimental system and high-level talents cultivation.

The Lab has a high-level research team, including academician Minggao Qian, academician Shining Zhou, academician Suping Peng, academician Liang Yuan, accredited professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars”, winners of National Outstanding Youth Funds, chief scientists of the National 973 Program and National 863 Program, etc.. The research achievements have won more than 20 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and Technological Invention Awards. In addition, over 300 domestic and foreign patents for invention have been obtained.

The Journal of Mining and Safety Engineering, International Symposium on the Theory and Practice of Green Mining and Mining Science Forums and Seminar on Theory and Practice of Mine Pressure hosted by the Lab have great academic influence at home and abroad.




Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Resource Mining, Ministry of Education



Relying on the national key disciple of Mining Engineering, the Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Resource Mining was approved in 2916, and accepted in 2016 and listed in Ministry of Education Key Laboratories. The Lab focuses on problems of high ground pressure, high hydraulic pressure and high ground temperature in the exploitation of deep coal resources. The research directions include deep coal resources exploitation, large deformation control of surrounding rock in deep mines and surrounding rock dynamic disasters in deep mines. The Lab has become an important base for the study on safe and efficient mining of deep resources and green mining, technology development and high-quality talents cultivation and academic exchanges.





Laboratory of Mine Earthquake  Monitoring and Prevention, Jiangsu Province Engineering




Relying on Mining Engineering discipline of CUMT, the Lab is the first provincial mine earthquake monitoring engineering laboratory in China approved by Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The Lab is mainly engaged in the researches and applications of basic theories and major science and technology in the field of mine earthquake dynamic disasters. The research directions include mine earthquake disasters prevention, technology and equipment development, remote monitoring and early warning and mine earthquake disaster-causing mechanism. The Lab has realized technological achievements transformation in  disasters remote diagnosis, prevention and simulation.





National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Mining Engineering



ub8优游平台官方网心现ub8优游平台官方网实验教师69人,实验室面积已达到15000 m2,各类实验设备6000余台,总价值近1.3亿。拥ub8优游平台官方网一支教育理念先进、研究能力强、教学与管理经验丰富的实验教学与管理队伍,承担矿业ub8优游平台官方网程类本ub8优游平台官方网生课程、毕业论文的实验,及ub8优游平台官方网技创新活动等。


The Center mainly cultivate talents in the fields of mining enginnering, safety engineering and mineral process engineering. In 2009, the Jiangsu Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center was approved, and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center was approved in November.

With an area of 15000m2, the Center now has 69 experimental teachers. There are more than 6000 facilities with a total value of 130 million. The Center has an excellent experimental teaching and management team with advanced education concepts, strong research capabilities and abundant teaching and management experience. The team undertakes undergraduate courses of mining engineering, the experiments in thesis, science and technology innovation activities, etc.

The Center always insists on student-centered education idea and competency-based experimental teaching idea. It focuses on knowledge teaching, ability training, quality improvement and coordinated development. The Center has made great contributions to the reform of experimental teaching, cultivation of innovative talents and innovation of scientific research and won the prise and affirmation by domestic and foreign counterparts. With distinct mining characteristics, the Center has played great role in leading and cultivating innovative talents.




National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Mining Engineering





The Virtual Simulation Center of Mining Engineering explores the safe, reliable, visual and economic experimental teaching platforms for the problems of mining risks, extreme environment, irreversible operations in the exploitation process and comprehensive training of high-cost and high consumption large scale equipment. In 2013, the Center was approved to be National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Mining Engineering by the Ministry of Education.

The Center focuses on “cognitive mining”,‘”familiar mining”, “safe mining” and “green mining”, and multi-space and multi-system simulation demonstration, integrated simulation and design synthesis and innovation and advanced simulation. In 2016, the platform was named Jiangsu Province Mining Engineering Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Sharing Platform.

Aiming to cultivate students’ creative spirit and comprehensive engineering ability, the Center has introduced virtual reality technology and numerical simulation technology. The Center accelerates the transformation of discipline construction and scientific achievements into high-quality virtual simulation experimental teaching resources and solves the problems of students’ practice and scientific innovation training. It has become an open and influential virtual simulation experimental teaching base of mining engineering.